IT Support For Construction Companies & Architect Firms

IT Support Construction

Construction companies and architectural firms have very specific IT needs and we know this.  That is why HiTechnique has elected to specialize in helping construction companies and architectural firms in Spokane, Washington and Idaho with the best possible IT support services available.

IT Support for Construction Firms

Construction companies have unique IT requirements, often combining services in the main office with branch office locations, construction sites and remote supervisors.  Having a reliable IT system in place is essential to making sure jobs are completed on time and within budget.

Construction firms need around-the-clock access to all resources on the network.  HiTechnique has successfully installed robust branch office networks and remote access systems, allowing staff in the office to easily share information with those in the field and vice versa.

We also specialize construction-related applications such as Timberline.

HiTechique has the perfect, fully managed IT support solution ready for your construction company. Call us today to learn more.

IT Support for Architects

Architects use complex software and create stunning designs.  These designs often result in large design files that require a vast amount of storage on the network.  Having a solution in place that offers architects the flexibility to use industry leading software solutions such as AutoCAD to create designs and store all associates’ files on the network is mandatory.

HiTechnique understands these unique requirements. We have worked with several top firms to make sure that they have the network bandwidth and storage required to complete their tasks.

Are you looking for a trusthworthy IT support team for your architectural design firm or construction company? Call HiTechnique today for a no-obligation review of your IT support solutions.

Spokane IT Support


“HiTechnique has shared in Spokane Symphony’s vision and delivered the state-of-the-art network at The Fox Theater. From network design to implementation, all projects have been delivered on time and within budget. As our technology partner, HiTechnique fulfills all of our IT needs and continues to contribute to our success.”

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