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Healthcare IT Support

Supporting the Pacific Northwest Healthcare Industry

Are you struggling to make sense of electronic health records or electronic medical records?

Have you conducted your HIPAA risk assessment this year?

Confused about what meaningful use actually means and if you are compliant with HIPAA regulations?

HiTechnique understands many of the technology challenges facing doctors, healthcare specialists and medical facilities across the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene region.  Many healthcare professionals turn to our team of reliable medical IT specialists to help them make sense of all the growing trends in technology and how they benefit the healthcare industry.

Besides being up to date with the latest IT trends facing the medical community, HiTechnique also specializes in ensuring that practices are compliant with all the regulations found in HIPAA.  Knowing that the security and confidentiality of patient information is essential, we ensure all our recommendations meet the standards found in HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

HiTechnique offers you more than the support you get from the EMR or EHR vendors.  We work with many of the leading EMR and EHR software vendors and know how to make their systems work.

Are you in need of a reliable healthcare IT support firm to help you make sense of all the technology found in a modern medical practice?

Call HiTechnique today for a no-obligation review of your current healthcare IT support and EMR solutions.  We are here to help you.

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“HiTechnique has shared in Spokane Symphony’s vision and delivered the state-of-the-art network at The Fox Theater. From network design to implementation, all projects have been delivered on time and within budget. As our technology partner, HiTechnique fulfills all of our IT needs and continues to contribute to our success.”

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