IT Support For Retailers And Stores

IT Support for Retailers

Supporting Retail in Spokane and the Surrounding Area

The retail industry is one that leverages technology every day. Without IT systems running at their best, business could grind to a halt.  Point of sale solutions are used to transact thousands of dollars in sales across many stores and shops in Spokane and Coeur D’Alene.

There are many technology concerns facing small retailers right through to the largest nationwide chain stores.  What are employees doing during quiet times?  Are customers’ credit cards secure?  Is anyone trying to hack into the business Wi-Fi systems?

HiTechnique specializes in providing IT services for retailers across Spokane, Washington and Idaho.  Our team knows the ins and outs of how to keep your retail business secure.

Our team knows how to ensure that payment card industry (PCI) compliance standards are met.  PCI standards were created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud.  Each day, thousands of credit card numbers are stolen across the United States.  We help make sure your business isn’t one that cyber thieves can successfully hack into.

In addition to keeping everything secure on your network, we will also work with you to ensure that your employees are not wasting time on social media sites such as Facebook when they should be working.  Our managed IT services keep an eye on this type of activity, and our firewall solutions can ensure that only those employees or computers in need of access to the Internet can access online websites or social media services.

HiTechnique can provide everything your retail store needs, from Wi-Fi networking to IT security to PCI compliance auditing.

Call us today to book a no-obligation review of your retail computer network.

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“HiTechnique has shared in Spokane Symphony’s vision and delivered the state-of-the-art network at The Fox Theater. From network design to implementation, all projects have been delivered on time and within budget. As our technology partner, HiTechnique fulfills all of our IT needs and continues to contribute to our success.”

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